Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary Lower Dibang Valley Arunachal Pradesh

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary Lower Dibang Valley Arunachal Pradesh (28°12’30’’N, 95°49’11’’E, 281.5 km2) is named after the Mehao Lake, which was created as a result of the ‘Independence day’ earthquake on 15th August, 1950. The sanctuary is situated in Lower Dibang Valley district, and spans altitudes ranging from 400 m to 3568 m above sea lev

A rugged mountainous belt with its panoramic landscape is beyond description. It is a land of wonder for tourists and living treasure for Scientists  Ornithologists, Zoologists, Botanists, Ecologists. Indeed, a virgin natural forest with unique natural lakes in the midst of wilderness.Mehao Wildlife sanctuary is located near Roing and covers an area of 281.5 sq. km. The altitude varies from 400m to 3568m from Mean Sea Level (MSL). The sanctuary derives its name from Mehao Lake, a vast and virgin lake and is situated at a distance of 17 km from Roing. It is mainly famous for Hollock gibbon, Tiger, Elephant, Leopard etc. and Dibang Wild life sanctuary: cover an area 4149 sq. km. The sanctuary is famous for musk dear, black beer, leopard,  khali, etc. and many other rare birds are the wild life of this sanctuary. 

Mouling National Park Sanctuary Siang Arunachal Pradesh

Mouling National Park was established in 1982 with an objective to create a favourable habitat for plants and animals. It is located in the right bank of river Siang covering an area of 483 Sq. KM. This park is a reserved house for diverse flora and fauna. The vegetation of the area varies according to the altitude. Temperate alpine and coniferous forest at the upper reaches whereas the lower area is covered with tropical evergreen forest. Ornamental plants like foxtail, orchids are abundant in this area.
Mouling National  Park Sanctuary Siang Arunachal Pradesh

The park has also an impressive area of animals and birds. Many endangered species like takins, snowclouded leopard, golden languor, hornbill, monal scalater, serrow are spotted here. And many more species are there which are yet to be identified and recorded. One can venture into this park during winter season by seasonal trekking path from Bomdo and Ramsing villages.Inside the sanctuary, there are many attractive waterfalls. Dabung Waterfall and Nirbung Waterfall are two of them. This park is thoroughly a dreamland for trekkers and animal & bird lovers.

Accomodation : Jengging Circuit House, Forest Rest House at Ramsing.
What to see? : Rare birds, animals, orchids, waterfalls, etc.
Best season for visit : October to 1st week of January.