Buddha Vihar Lohit District Arunachal pradesh

BuddhaVihar  Lohit district  Arunachal pradesh  locally called CHONG in the Khamtis area.The CHONG of amsai,Sub.Division and Mon-mau, near the junction of Wakro-Tezu road is big and attractive. The world Peace Pagoda located in a river island at Chongkham is ideal for editation in front of Buddha statues that surrounds in inner core of the vihar.                                              
Buddha Vihar Lohit District Arunachal Pradesh

 The Khamti Raja's Chong at Guna Nagar at Chongkham is famouse for relics of Gautama Buddha.  All the CHONGs and statues of Lord Buddha are made in the Thai-architectural style. There is no ban to visit these CHONGs. 

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