Daying Ering Wild Life Sanctury East Siang Arunachal Pradesh

The Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary Arunachal Pradesh covers a total area of 190 sq km. The major part (75%) of the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is formed by an alluvial grasslands, wooded areas constitute about 15% and the rest is water. Daying Ering Wild Life Sanctury  East Siang Arunchal Pradesh is located at a distance of 13 kms. from Pasighat and is one of the few sancturies located on an island.
Daying Ering Wild Life Sanctury East siang

 One has to cruise through River Siangby country boat to reach the place. During September - February, a variety of migratory birds like cranes, wild-ducks, storks, water-fowlsand hornbils come here from far-off places making it a paradise for the bird watchers. Deers, wild elephants, buffaloes and smaller predators are also abundent. The lucky visitors may also have a glimpse of tiger.

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