Kekar Monying Mountain East Siang Arunachal Pradesh

KEKAR MONYING mountain East Siang Arunchal Pradesh cliff near Rottung is an important historical place because it was here that the Adi put up a strong resistance against the British in 1911.  The war was a part of a punitive expedition undertaken by the British for murdering Noel Williamson, a political officer in the previous year by Matmur Jamoh, a native of Yagrung village.
Kekar Monying Mountain East Siang
Komsing, a village on the left bank of the Siang is the place of Williamson's murder.  A stone epitaph bearing the name of Noel.  Williamson still lies near the Siang.  GOMSI, a cultivation area near Rani village is another place of historical importance.  In June'96 a team of archaeologists led by Shri T. Tada, Deputy Director, Archaeology of the Research Department conducted a trial excavation and survey in the site. They have found apart from broken pieces of different evidence of glorious past culture of early medieval period (probably Pre-Ahom).The site has a big rectangular Canal measuring 3.5 meters wide and a pond measuring 38x36 mts. in the site.  A mound has been unearthed inside the Canal area from where 13 different sizes of bricks have been found from it's brick wall.

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