Mehao Wild life Santuary Dibang Valley Arunachal Pradesh

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary Dibang Valley  Arunachal Pradesh  (28°12’30’’N, 95°49’11’’E, 281.5 km2) is named after the Mehao Lake, which was created as a result of the ‘Independence day’ earthquake on 15th August, 1950. The sanctuary is situated in Lower Dibang Valley district, and spans altitudes ranging from 400 m to 3568 m above sea level..
Mehao wildlife Sanctuary Dibang valley Arunachal Pradesh
 Mehao Wild life sanctuary covers an area of 281.5 sq km. It is mainly famous for Hollock gibbon, Tiger, Elephant, Leopard etc. and Dibang Wild life sanctuary: cover an area 4149 sq. km. The sanctuary is famous for musk dear, black beer, leopard,  khali, etc. and many other rare birds are the wild life of this sanctuary. 

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