Parasuram Kund Lohit District Arunachal Pradesh

Parasuram Kunda, Lohit district  Arunachal pradesh a place of pilgrimage is situated in the lower reaches of the river Lohit at about 24 Kms. to the North-east    (27 degree 51' IV and 96 degree 23'E) of Tezu. The other name of the Kunda is 'Prabhu Kuthar', the origin of the 'Kunda' viz. Parasuram Kunda is associated with Parasuram's matricide. The history goes in brief that one day Renuka, mother of Parasuram went to Ganga for having bath and bringing water by delay in bringing water made the Rishi Jamadagni, the husband of Renuka very angry as it was already getting late for the mid day worship. He asked the sons to kill her. None of his six sons except Parasuram could oblige. Parasuram chopped off the head of his mother indeference to the wishes of his father, but as a result of crime handle with his axe got struck to his hand. Jamadagni was very pleased with him for carrying out his order and asked Parasuram to have for boon.
Parasuram Kund Lohit District Arunchal Pradesh

Parasuram pray He asked the sons to kill her. None of his six sons ed for bringing his mother back to life, then enquired as to how to get rid of the crime of matricide. Jamadagni granted itand his mother got her life back and told Parasuram to visit " Brahma Kund" to wash off the sin. Parasuram came to the Brahma Kund, in Lohit District of Arunachal Pradesh for holy dip in the kunda.  Religious people, saints come to this kund on Makarsakranti which falls on the 14th January every year.  The Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh extend all possible arrangement/help to those pilgrimage.  

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